Mr. Peeradet Kangsadalkun hails from Bangkok, Thailand and had more than a decade of working experience. He has designed for a diverse range of commercial, institutional and hospitality projects.

His expertise spans conceptualization, design development and coordination.

His experience has pushed him to conceive designs that are contemporary, avant-garde or elegantly understated.

Mr. Peeradet is passionate in design and believe that creativity needed something to rebel against, it’s what gives both designers and client’s lives exciting. Ideas have to be applied before they are recognized as good ideas. Even a bad idea executed is better than a good idea undone.



Ms. Ada Sim received her design education in Australia and had have attained comprehensive design experience in the Asia regions.

Her work encompasses a range of conceptualization, design developments and coordination, in lieu of her projects’ tenure.

These experiences have allowed her to envisage from that of contemporary to understate yet luxury design approaches. Her ability amplifies by generating of designs coinciding with functional details, in which dictates the aesthetics of the establishment with the articulation of the design language.


Ms. Sim’s design also induces the trails of quality and rapport through her consultancy’s knowledge as well as uniting different regions’ cultural context with sustainable concerns.

She believed that Ideas are from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels her imagination which speaks directly to her soul.


After a decade of working together in DP Design,

Peeradet + Ada

both growing up as cross-cultural which inspired and complement one another finding their balance in life is what makes it all come together so well.